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discounts AVAILABLE FOR 2017


Logo deal for Short-Run Postcards

Scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours! Looking for a discount? Or searching for cheap printing services near me? Just leave a space for us to add a Phoenix Media logo to your layout for 10% off your order!

:This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers, or promotions.

:The Phoenix Media logo must appear no smaller than 1 inch wide, and at least as large as any other sponsor logos in your layout.

: Use promo code: logo10%

add phoenix Media promotion on back side of your postcard

Jelly Back


Add the Phoenix Media flyer on the backside!
Give us half the real estate on your postcard and pay half price! Your content goes on the front, and we put our advertisement/contact info on the back. You will receive a 50% discount on your order!


: Shipping and other fees are not included in the discount.

: We must approve your artwork before we commit to this deal.

: This offer is only available for postcard and flyer orders in quantities of at least 5,000.

: Production time will be up to ten (10) business days.

: Use promo code: back50%