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Take your company’s marketing and promotion to the next level with our affordable print ads!

Here at Phoenix Media, we have found that advertising in publications such as Willamette Weekly, The Portland Mercury and many others, has really made a difference in our company’s and our clients’ sales. We would like to offer you the chance to do the same for a great low price. Most small businesses are only able to purchase ad space every few months at best and the open rate for these ads is generally very high. However, due to our high volume purchases of ad space in these publications, we are offered a fantastic low rate that we would like to pass on to our clients.

Print ads are very effective and can have a great return on investment, particularly when you can buy them at low cost. This opportunity offers you the chance to purchase more ad space and target your special promotions, sales and events!

Additionally, our savvy graphic design team can make sure your ad stands out from the rest!

For more information on prices and available publications, please email Ron, our CEO, with the contact form.